Plante is a clothing line designed and produced in NYC. Now in it's third year, this brand has long existed in the imaginations of founders (and sisters) Leah and Becky Plante. Rooted in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Plante aims to create garments that are unabashedly pretty, with unexpected details and impeccable construction. 

Plante draws on nature’s wildness, glamour, and beauty—blankets of kudzu flanking the highway, courtyard gardens redolent of tea olive, ancient oak trees draped in moss. Each of our collections explores one specific natural element that inspires us. (See: our ode to butterfly wings in our Fall/Winter 2016 line!)

As nature enthusiasts, we are also committed to eco friendly practices. All of our garments are made locally, in New York City. We reduce waste by abstaining from over cuts, and donating our extra material to educational nonprofits. 

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