Plymouth Frock

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and what better way to celebrate and honor our ancestors than by snagging their style? I'm not suggesting we all dress up in buckles, top hats, and aprons... but, I'm not not suggesting it.

Clockwise from left: April Ludgate in Parks and Rec, Ruby Aldridge, Two Sisters by Cornelis de Vos (c. 1615), Image via Honey Kennedy, Pilgrim Costume, White Dress, Photo by Michael Thompson, Thakoon Pilgrim Pumps

Personally, when I think about the iconic garments worn by the first settlers (according to our cultural imagination, of course) I picture a lot of things I already have in my closet. Gloomy felt hats. Black, full maxi skirts. Loafers with buckles. Leather belts. Detachable collars in white or cream. This Thanksgiving, I think I'll play with these to create an outfit that will sit in a comfortable position somewhere along the normal-person/historical-reenactor continuum. (Which means I'll probably have to pass on the stockings, petticoat, chemise, bolster, bodice. coif, etc.)

The beauty of any pilgrim inspired look is that it's black and basic, so you can really take it in a few directions. Mod pilgrim? Witchy 70 pilgrim? Why not. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tahti Syrjiala, Agyness Deyn for Ben Weller, Saila Renksenia schnaider S/S 2013

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