Sneak Peeks

Today's photo shoot was a raging success. The photos Ashley took for our look book are incredible, thanks to our dream team of creatives. Leah and I were floored by the beautiful flowers selected and styled by Brittany Asch of BRRCH

We were also stunned at how graceful (and photogenic!) Rachel-Marie of Jag Lever was while modeling for us. Somehow, despite the excessive heat, she managed to look like a woodland nymph just floating amongst the flowers. Bravo, Rachel!   

The garments in all their beauty will be visible on our site in about a week, when our finished lookbook will be posted. 

In the meantime, here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots I took today: 

Little Green Riding Hood!

Little Green Riding Hood!

Plante photoshoot.jpg
Photo Shoot Plante.jpg
plate shoot.jpg
brrch floral for plante.jpg
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