Travel Diary: Paris

I was lucky to get a chance to visit Paris last month. It was my first time, and it was EVEN MORE MAGICAL THAN I HAD HOPED. There was one moment when a man started playing an accordion on the metro in a beret, while I was eating a crusty french sandwich. What!

I spent most of my trip wandering around outside, and I snapped photos of anything particularly inspiring that I came across. Have a look! 

Street Art

Street Art is everywhere in Paris! The good kind. Stencils, posters, and even mixed media pieces. (See photo #4: that figure is in a cloud of glitter.)


Flea Market of Saint-Ouen 

This flea market really felt like the manifestation of some shopping wish-fulfillment fever dream. Just endless rows of antiques and treasures. The market's spread throughout a few unique little booth neighborhoods, each with a totally distinct atmosphere.




Wes Anderson's natural history museum. 170 years old, and it shows in the best ways. 



Plante in Paris

Post by Becky Plante