Charleston, Fashion Week, & Going Home

Leah and I are just coming home from a magical week in Charleston, where we enjoyed perfect spring weather, home cooked meals, and being with our family. We were raised in Charleston, and it always feels good to go back. It's a little unsettling sometimes to see how much has changed since our last visit. Since this time last year, we noticed that an open field we used to walk through in our neighborhood has now become a construction site. Five loaves had a menu redesign. Oh, and the Charleston airport is undergoing a complete overhaul! These changes make us feel out of touch with our home, but they're also signifiers of progress and economic growth, which we can appreciate. One change that we can totally get behind is the growth of Charleston Fashion Week

Last year, when we competed in (and won!) the emerging designer competition, it was a wonderful event, and we were honored to be a part of it. Somehow, this year was even bigger and better. The crowd seemed to have grown, the backstage process was even more streamlined, and the emerging designer talent was STUNNING. I don't know how, but CFW stepped up their game. Stay tuned over the week to see the next shows! We'll be posting our runway images soon! 

Rebecca PlanteComment