Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again when everything becomes a little spookier. Jack-O-Lanterns, horror films, cobwebs, and ghosts are all around. The Halloween weekend is quickly approaching.

Whether you’re attending parties, festivals, or just handing out candy from your front door, Halloween is a time to get dressed up for some ~slightly scary~ fun.  Allow us to present to you our most ethereal Plante-inspired costumes to try this year. 


Embrace your inner goddess as the huntress Artemis.  She is known for dwelling in nature and her connection with animals and the moon.  Greek art often depicts her with a bow and arrow.  A flowy light-toned maxi dress would fit the Grecian look or follow the instructions below for a diy Chiton.  Carry a toy bow or get crafty with sticks and strings.  Leather sandals or moccasins pair well with this outfit.  Use natural colors for an enchanted forest-nymph appearance.   




Walt Disney’s production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame is, in our opinion, and under rated childhood classic. The heroine Esmeralda also happens to be super on-trend for 2017-- puff sleeves, bold brows, and giant gold earrings? It's the dream. Plus she has a pet goat! Pair statement-piece gold jewelry with a pale pastel maxi. Go for a bold makeup look of thick brows and dark red lipstick. Accessorize with a thin scarf as a headband and your own tamborine.  *Bonus points if you have your own pet goat.*


An American in Paris


The dreamy Parisian mood of the musical An American in Paris sets up an ideal costume for couples.  Recreate the look of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron from the film production.  Wear a simple 1940s-inspired yellow dress with a full body skirt just below the knee.  Keep the look elegants with classic heels or flats.  Cropped hair was a major trend in Paris at the time but pin curls or a neat top-knot works just as well.  Keep your date’s outfit low-maintenance and have him wear a simple business casual outfit, maybe convince him to don some suspenders!   


Corpse Bride


The Corpse Bride costume combines the creepiness of the undead with tragic beauty.  For an edgier look wear a sheer white dress and check out a local thrift store for some vintage bridal accessories.  Bridal veils can also be purchased from costume shops or simply drape over chiffon fabric and pin in place.  Use a pale colored foundation and dark eyeshadow around the eyes.  For a final touch carry dried, wilted flowers as you haunt your long-lost lover.


1920s Theme


Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Josephine Baker characterize the upbeat post-reformation era.  Women’s silhouettes became shorter and looser for the freedom to dance and party all night.  Grab a strand of pearls and head out for a 20s-inspired Halloween weekend.