DIY Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is full of excitement as friends gather together to celebrate love and generosity. Joy is spread through cool candlelit evenings. Memories are shared over champagne by a warm fireplace. Glittering string lights and holly garlands line the streets. This season, find a moment to savor this festive time. Enjoy the celebrations with these creative Plante-approved holiday ideas.    

Mini Holiday Herb Wreath

Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano
24-gauge craft wire


Using long sprigs of rosemary, form a circle and secure with craft wire.  Use a strand of wire to wrap together several sprigs of the other herbs.  Make a few bundles.  Attach the bundles with wire around the rosemary circle.  To complete the wreath thread wire through 3 cranberries and fix them to the top then tie with a ribbon. The result is an adorable and fragrant wreath, perfect for your kitchen or foyer. 

Via Pop Sugar 


Poinsettia bouquet with rose hips, finished arrangement 2, by Justine Hand for Gardenist.jpg

Poinsettia Bouquet

White poinsettia plant
Berry branches
Decorative bowl
Floral foam


Place the foam in the bowl with water.  Rotate the foam so that is becomes saturated.  Cut the longest evergreen and berry branches and place them evenly on the sides of the foam base.  After the base is formed cut the poinsettia stems to the desired length in relation to the base branches.  It is necessary to use the candle to sear the cut stem tip of the poinsettia before placing them in the foam.  The poinsettia will die quickly if the stem is not seared due to sap leakage.  Once the poinsettias are ready, place them above the branch base and around the top of the foam.  The white poinsettia bouquet would be an elegant dining centerpiece for the next holiday gathering.

Via Gardenista

Holiday Floating Candles


Glass jars
Rosemary sprigs
Tea lights


Fill the base of the jar with several rosemary sprigs.  Fill about ¾ of the jar with water.  Sprinkle several cranberries over the rosemary.  Place the tealight on top of the cranberries.  Voila!  A super easy and cute decoration to light up your home.  Note: pine branch twigs work just as well as rosemary.  

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